About US

Founded in 1997, Alris Technology Ltd. is one of the largest distributors of networking products in Hong Kong. Headquartered in Hong Kong, and have setup branch office in Mainland China and Taiwan since 1998.
Dr. Alan Chan, the founder of Alris Technology Ltd., was a former rower from Hong Kong Rowing Team who set “No. 1” as his goal in every challenge. Since 1997, Dr. Chan continued his vigour in the business world. He chose Alris as the name of this company as Letter “A” is the first letter among 26 letters. Its front role in the alphabetical order signifies our leading role in this industry, as well as being No. 1 in everything. Under the leadership of Dr. Chan, we went through many ups and downs, including Asian Financial Crisis in 1998, the burst of Dot-com Bubble in 2000 and the SARS outbreak in 2003. 
In today’s competitive climate, the companies that stand out above the rest are those that can respond quickly and efficiently to the customers’ needs.
Since 2004, we represent and have earned its reputation as the Preferred Distributor by a number of the world’s most renowned manufacturers includingaMagic、BG(British General)、MasterPlug、Luceco、AEE、Axster、Beseye、igniteNet、D-Link、FYM、F-Secure、GrandStream、TRENDnet etc.. We have worked closely with more than 200 retail shops, 500 solution providers and many telecommunication operators.
Philosophy/Mission Statement
We try our best to invent high quality products for catering customers’ needs, and provide wonderful experience to our dear customers. Be sincere, practical and innovative! We would love to share the success with our clients, staffs and working partners. It is so important to build up their confidence and trust with us which helps developing a long-term relationship and has a win-win situation. We firmly believe that Alris has strong potential to continue becoming one of the trustworthy and renowned I.T. company.
Our Commitment begins and ends with complete customer satisfaction.
We are dedicated to provide our working partners not only high quality of products, most competitive prices, after sales services but also complete support from our well-experienced and professional team. Since 2003, we has provided Remote Access Service, appointment for free access service and instant feedback from our professionals. We would continue to work closely with our Partners in order to expand our market all over the world, and also developing our online platform which provides more opportunities for our customers to know more about us. 
Company Value
We firmly believe that being a successful company not only requires strong leadership from our leaders, but also the contribution made by our teams. In order to enhance the competitiveness, we highly encourage our staff to pursue further education which benefits our Company and themselves. Make good use of his/her knowledge to contribute to our Company and society. That’s why our Company has awarded “Caring Company” for more than seven years because of our caring working environment in our company.