aMagic - 40 Slots Mobile Tablet Luggage 3.0 (Model : AMC-3040)

Product Description :

Build in 40 Compartment Slots (iPad / iPad mini )
Made by injection molding of engineering plastics with high impact resistance , lightweight,tough and durable.
IP67, dustproof, watertight and antiseptic, and effectively protect the equipment in the case even in severe environment.
A pressure release valve with sealing ring in the front side of the case, which used for manually adjusting the pneumatic pressure in the case.
The latch of the case is an high strength injection moulded part, and it will be unbreakable even if it receives relatively big impact.

Product Specification :

Outside dimensions: 663*657*309 mm
Internal dimensions: 566*565*268 mm
lid/case depth: 51/217mm
Net wight: 13.5kg