BG - 2USB 2.1A 1-Gang Switched 13A Socket-White (Model : 821U2)

BG入牆式 13A + USB充電插座為你帶來革命性、創新的充電方式,讓用家擁有新的USB 充電體驗。BG面板外型新穎,比傳統面板上多了USB充電接口,可直接為智能裝置充電。

$149.00 $210.00

This product is designed for convenience. It is a 13A wall socket with 1 gang switched socket set with 2 USB charging ports. The USB charging function allows you to charge most of your portable devices directly from the USB wall socket without using the USB charger. No adapter required. You can also charge 2 USB devices simultaneously and it is perfect for charging majority of portable electronic devices like phones, tablets, cameras and games controllers.


Model: 821U2
Product Type: 1-gang switched socket, 2 x Type A USB sockets
Usage: Charges iPad, iPhone, tablets, mobiles, cameras and more
Product safety:
- Twin earth fitted as standard to allow a double earth facility
- Smart USB standby mode when device is fully charged
- Auto detects USB device and adjust charging pattern
- Protects the device in the occasion of overloading
Dimension: 86*86*31mm
Weight: 0.2kg
Mounting box depth (Minimum): 25mm (Ideal for retrofit)
Style and Main Color: White moulded square edge profile
Working Voltage: 13A, 5V
USB Output: 5V, 2.1A
Standards: BS 5733 & BS EN 50950