UKGPro - Smart USB Power Strip 3AC+ 6USB (Model: U-C336)

$499.00 $700.00

UKG Smart Strip is made to control electrical appliance trough smartphone and internet, which helps you to monitor the status of electrical device and makes your life more convenient, when you are outside, you can check the status of your TV, fans or air condition and control it, when you are on the way home, you can open the appliance by phone if it is need.


●Remotely control all / individual USB port and output(s)

●Setting operating schedule and usage countdown timer

●Turn regular home appliances into smart devices easily



Input voltage:AC90V--240V
Output voltage:AC220V--240V
USB output:5V-4.8A(Max.)
WiFi: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
*Standard:  BS 1363 - 1 /  BS 1363 - 2 / EN 60950.